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Find us a LEGIT ref for all 4-5 games each week ($15/gm)  and you skate for FREE!

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Week 1 Game Schedule

Sunday, September 15th

8:45pm Bronze Hawks vs Roller Ninjas



Monday, September 16th

6:30pm Bronze High Rollers vs Flamingos

7:25pm Bronze Epucks vs Badgers

8:20pm Silver Wolfpack vs Roller Daddies

9:15pm Silver Floss & Sauce vs Stoughton

10:10pm Bronze Lucky Pucks vs Pink Whitneys




League fees will also be raised starting spring session as rink rental rates have increased with the new floor going in. 1st league will be $120.00, 2nd will be $85.00. Goalies will be $75.00 and $50.00.


We will also be restructuring the referee and scorekeeping scales. Referees will be bumped up to $12.00/gm credited (equivlant of $18/hr), and scorekeepers will get $8.00/gm (equivlant of $12/hr)

(Game times are 50 min blocks and then standard take home pay without extras is roughly 80% of gross)


If there is only one person doing both scorekeeping and reffing they will earn $15/gm credit ($22.50/hr)

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