Our 2021 Winter session is ready to go. We have a very similar setup compared to last session with 5 bronze and 4 silver teams. Team should be just as balanced this session in bronze as we had last session when all FIVE teams went 4-4 in the regular season. The silver league has some pretty big roster changes and should be more balanced this session.


Good luck to everyone as a reminder, this session is only EIGHT weeks long, 6 regular season games and 2 playoff games. League fees are only $100 for this session for players ($160 for dual leagues) Goalies are $60 ($100 for dual leagues)



Please re-read the restrictions in place:


For all players:

1. The party rooms and parents lounge will be unavailable for use

2. Players must be 6 feet away when dressing and undressing and while sitting on the bench

3. Players will be allowed to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled game time (Goalies 30 minutes)

4. No one other than players allowed (I.E. no spectators, friends or relatives) NO EXCEPTIONS

5. Swirhl water cups will be unavailable, bring your own and do not share

6. No one allowed behind the concession counter for any reason

7. Water must be from the faucet. When using the faucet wash your hands first.

8. No spitting anywhere except in a trash can. One will be placed by each bench.

9. During game play when the puck is not in play stay 6+ feet away from each other

10. There will be no unnecessary contact between players

11. Benches and doors will be disinfected prior to each game and the tables and general usage areas will be cleaned before and after each night.



For referees/scorekeepers

1. I have purchased new referee jerseys as of last session, each ref will have a designated jersey to wear each week and they will be washed weekly.

2. Whistles will be provided for each referee, will not be shared and will be held by me each week to ensure they are not forgotten. They will be soaked in sanitized after each night.

3. Scorekeeping will be done from the DJ booth so players can freely go up and down from the bench area unless a referee is doing it.

5. The score keeper will be the only person allowed in the DJ booth

6. The scoreboard will be disinfected after the night is over or when there is a score keeper switch

7. Referees will stay 6 feet away from other players except at the faceoff

8. At the faceoff they will stay as distant as they can while providing an accurate drop, minimum of an arm’s length

10. Referees will not blow the whistle at each faceoff. 


If anyone has an concerns or feels there should be other restrictions put in place I would love to hear them. I know these are difficult times and we all want to get back to normal, but until things subside we all need to abide by these restricted rules or risk shutting the league down again.





Congratulations to our 2020 fall Session bronze League Champions

#3 seed Hustle N Flow (6-4), defeating #4 seed Pink Whitneys (6-5) by a score of 5-1.


Congratulations to our 2020 Fall session silver league champions newcomer

#2 Seed Globo Gym (8-2) defeating #4 seed Stoughton (2-8) 

by a score of 7-4.




Standard league fees will also be raised starting January 1st, 2021 as rink rental rates have increased with the new floor going in. 1st league will be $125.00, 2nd will be $85.00. Goalies will be $75.00 and $50.00.


We will also be restructuring the referee and scorekeeping scales. Referees will be bumped up to $12.00/gm credited ($18/hr), and scorekeepers will get $8.00/gm ($12/hr)


If there is only one person doing both scorekeeping and reffing they will earn $15/gm credit ($22.50/hr)





Open hockey is every Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00pm for $10/each, goalies free! The sign up form below will be utilized to track how many people are expected to play each week.

Open Hockey signup sheet:





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