Find us a LEGIT ref for all 4-5 games each week ($15/gm)  and you skate for FREE!

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Fall sign up night is Monday, September 12th, games start the 18th and 19th and run through the end of November.


The first 2 weeks of December we will have a tournament for each league all day on Sunday and Monday.

Championship Game Scores



#1 seed Lucky Pucks 6

#2 seed SW Eagles 5



3rd Place Game

#3 seed Hawks 10

#4 seed Epucks 6



5th Place Game

#6 seed Moose 12

#7 seed Sunday's Finest 6





#1 seed Wolfpack 6

#2 seed Buckys Boys 4




3rd Place Game

#3 seed Stoughton 15

#4 seed Thrusters 3


















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