Find us a LEGIT ref for all 4-5 games each week ($15/gm)  and you skate for FREE!

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The 2022 Fall session is ready to roll, we have 8 bronze and 5 silver. Good luck to everyone in the final full session at Fast Forward!


Following this session we will run a tournament on 3 consecutive weeks on a FULL Sunday and evening Monday. We will chat early in the session with you all and see if we want to do a 3 v 3 tourny or a standard 4 v 4.


One week will be bronze only players, one week will be silver only and one week will be mixed for those that want to play with friends of differing skill levels.




As many of you know Fast Forward will be closing in spring 2023, torn down and turned into apartments. We have begun searching for space to open a new roller skating and roller hockey rink in the greater Madison area. Many of you are concerned about the future of the league and all we can say right now is we are working hard with our broker to find somewhere affordable we can open in and minimize any time between sessions.


Clear spanned property is not common, those that are available in prominent locations are not cost effective and without MAJOR backing (I.E $1 million +), we do not have the funding to build a new faciltiy as would be our preference.


We are scouting locations we can open with two rinks, one wood skating floor for public skating, and one sport court floor for roller hockey and private events. We're looking for something that is 30,000-35,000 sq ft for less than $10/sq/ft (such as Copps Whitney Way, Oscar Mayer, Thorstads, ETC but all those are not willing to have us). 


Be sure to check out our webpage for our plans on a new facility, and we look forward to bringing you a bigger and better experience!

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