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New flooring project details

Here is a link to the sign up page, please check all days and times you are planning on helping out:




-If anyone is available during the daytime Mon-Fri I could have someone here as well to open the rink for work to get done


-I estimate this will take about 2 weeks to complete working nights after work and all weekend

-Ideally I would like to see 4-6 hockey/derby helpers for each hour we’re there at minimum (obviously after 9pm it may be scarce which I expect but the more help the quicker this gets done and the more credits earned for rent)

-We will start on Sunday  November 11th at 5pm and hopefully be done by the following Wednessday Evening. Doing this already loses two weeks of hockey, two weeks of derby practices and one entire weekend of public skating.


In regards to work to be done (based on 4-6 people helping each night):


Week 1

Sunday and  Monday

  1. Unscrew all of the white baseboards around the entire rink (I will try to do this throughout the week before we start starting Tuesday if possible)
  2. Rip off carpeting on lower walls
  3. Rip off/unscrew mid boards on all the walls (purple and red ones)
  4. Rip off lower all boards (I have heard concerns about possible mold issues from derby people but I do not think it will be as big of an issue as it’s perceived to be and should be in a small area) However we will have mold garments for those that would like them)


Materials needed: drills, drills and drills. Work gloves. Possibly circular saws but doubtful. Hammers too.



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (would like to see 10-20 people here), its also during normal derby practice hours

  1. Pull up old floor boards (this will be when we need the most help as we will be removing about four hundred 1” x 48” x 96”’ sheets of flooring, each weighing between 55-70 LBS). The entire floor is tongue and groove so once we get a few up it should just peel away. *should*
  2. The plan is to have one container filled each day, with two being done on Thursday assuming we can get it filled by EOD to get a new delivery)
  3. There will be boards getting hauled out and dropped in the parking lot until new empty containers come as we are only renting one container at a time.


Materials needed: work gloves, possibly circular saws, dollys to help move boards easier, although they won’t fit through the doors.



Friday and Saturday

  1. Begin prep work for the exposed concrete slab and exteriors walls
  2. Fill any cracks or unevenness in the concrete slab and exterior walls
  3. The hope is there is minimal to do here and we can jump right into the next item, however this is also our biggest question mark


Materials needed: work gloves, mops, brooms, scrub pads. Possibly wheel burrows, shovels



Week 2

Sunday and Monday

  1. Begin putting on new wall boards


Materials needed: Drills, drills and drills




  1. Put on new carpeting on walls


Materials needed: none, we’ll have everything here




  1. Hopefully installing the new flooring (you should have an idea of how this goes with the sport court you use)


Materials needed: We could use a few table saws if possible. The more we have the quicker the sides and corners will get cut and laid.




  1. Hopefully Final cleanup and if time put back baseboards. Otherwise they can be done throughout the weekend as long as they are done by Sunday night so Hockey can play again Monday.


Materials needed: Drills if we’re putting boards back on or just cleaning up

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